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6 Costly Huntsville Generator Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

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A generator is a costly investment for most homeowners. You must maintain the generator to ensure that it lasts for a long time. Proper maintenance and operation is important to prevent costly repairs.

However, many people don’t know about the best practices when operating a generator. In this blog post, you will learn all about mistakes that you should avoid to prevent costly generator repairs in Alabama.

1. Using Wrong Fuel Quality


A generator requires a specific type of fuel. The specific fuel type depends on the temperature in your area. Using the wrong quality fuel can result in generator damage. It can completely ruin the generator due to which you have to incur costly repairs.

Always use the fuel quality that is recommended by the manufacturer. Using the right fuel type will ensure proper generator operations. Moreover, it will result in efficient fuel usage, thereby resulting in reduced fuel costs.

A high quality fuel will prevent condensation in the fuel pipe when it is not used for some time. This will ensure that the generator will not fail in the event of a blackout.

2. Refueling When the Generator is Hot


Many people don’t follow the safety practices when operating a generator. One of the most dangerous mistakes one can make is adding fuel when the generator is running or warm.

Refueling when the generator is running can cause the fuel to ignite. It can result in a fire and increases the risks of a burn.

3. Using Old Fuel


You must always use fresh fuel for the generator. Using old fuel even if it is of the highest quality can lead to major issues. It is essential that you keep the fuel fresh by regularly using the generator. Consider using the generator for some hours at least once a week so that the fuel remains moving and does not start to degrade.

4. Not Cleaning the Filters


Filters must be cleaned at regular intervals. The filters can accumulate dust over time. A filter that is not cleaned regularly can lead to inefficient generator operations.

A filter helps keep the fuel clean by preventing accumulation of dust and dirt inside. Over time, the filter will get clogged due to which it won’t be able to keep the fuel clean. Regular cleaning of filter is essential to ensure proper generator operation.

If the filter is too dirty, you will have to replace the filter. You must clean the filter a few times every year depending on how frequently you use the generator.

5. Not Letting the Generating Get Warm Before Use


Another common mistake is not letting the generator warm up before transferring the load. It is important that the generator is turned on for some time before transferring the load. This is particularly important when running the generator on cold nights.

Let the generator run for about five minutes before transferring the load. It will prevent moisture buildup inside the generator, resulting in efficient operations.

6. Not Scheduling Regular Maintenance


A generator is a lot like a car. You need to keep it maintained regularly to ensure proper operations. Proper maintenance is particularly important for old generators.

You should schedule maintenance of your generator by calling a reliable Huntsville roofer. Experienced roofer will inspect the generator to look for faults. They will perform repairs that will ensure that the generator performs without any problems.

The above mistakes can help ensure that your generator provides power whenever required. It will also help prevent issues that will be costly to repair. Moreover, the preventive measures listed in this blog post will ensure that the generator will operate without issues for a long time resulting in cost savings for you.


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