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Choosing a Generator for an Outdoor Wedding Event

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Have you planned your wedding at an outside venue? If so, you should make sure that the day of the wedding is memorable with the right Huntsville generator.

In this blog post, you will learn about tips for selecting the best generator for an outdoor event. After reading the generator you will know about the right size generator and accessories required to power up the outdoor event.

Buy the Right Accessories

You should buy an extension cord for powering up the device. Be sure to check the cables to ensure that they are not damaged or worn out.


Size of the Generator

The size of the generator you select will depend on the electrical equipment that you want to use during the event. Find out about the power usage in Watts or Ampere of all the equipment. You must consider both starting and running wattage requirement of the equipment.

Generally the generator for an outdoor should be 3000 watts or about 25 amperes. This size generator can power a fridge, 1500 watts audio and video equipment, and about 15 40-watts bulbs.  Ultimately, the power required for the electrical appliances will determine the right size generator for the wedding.

Generator Type

Another important consideration when buying a generator is the type of the generator. You should buy a generator that can be run for the duration for the event.

Diesel generators are generally recommended for a wedding event. This is because the generator can run for longer hours continuously as compared to gasoline generator. It can run for about 15 to 20 hours without break. So, the generator can run continuously all through the night after the wedding ceremony.

With gasoline generators, you will have to stop the generator for 20 minutes after every 10 hours. Unless the outdoor wedding event will be a brief one, you should consider buying a diesel generator.

Invertor vs. Non-Invertor Generators

Inverter generators are more efficient as compared to non-invertor generators. They will automatically adjust the speed of the engine based on the load. This will ensure efficiency in utilization of fuel.

Inverter generators also produces clean and stable power that makes them ideal for powering electronic devices.

In contrast, non-invertor generators have a heavy alternator. They are more suitable for powering heavy appliances like motor.

You must select inverter generators as they also produce less noise. The last thing you want is for the loud noise of the generator ruining the wedding event. The generator has enough power to sustain most of the electrical and electronic appliances that will be used during the wedding event.

The Best Generators for Outdoor Wedding Events

Generac and Decatur generators are considered the best generators for all types of events. The generators are reliable. You won’t have to worry about leaving the guests in the dark mid-way during the wedding event due to the generator shutting down.

Make sure that you keep proper precautions when using the generator for an outdoor event. It is important that the generator should be placed at least 30 feet away from the guests. All generators release harmful carbon monoxide gas. The gas is deadly when inhaled.

Generac Superstore offers all types of generators. We offer generator sale, rentals, and repair services in Alabama. You should contact us if you want a generator for the wedding event. We provide Huntsville Prime Power generators, Decatur generators, and Generac generators.  Our representative will help you in selecting the right generator for your event.


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