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Modern businesses require electricity to operate their computer systems and other technology. A power outage or electrical failure can force firms to stop operations and lose productivity. In competitive markets, companies can’t afford to halt their processes due to power outages; the loss of output can set them back thousands of dollars.

A commercial generator automatically turns on when the power goes out; in just a matter of seconds, you have all the electricity you require to continue operations. Generac commercial generators supply buildings with all the power they need until electrical systems are functioning again.
Prepare your business for unforeseen circumstances with a backup generator from Generac. Generac offers a selection of advanced power systems for commercial and residential buildings. Customers can choose from battery-operated commercial generators or diesel generators.

Generac Superstore provides installation, repairs and maintenance programs for General generators.
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Continuous Power without the Hassle of Refueling

Featuring extended run times, cost-effective engines and environmentally-friendly emissions, Generac’s clean-burning gas fueled generators can be used to meet local code requirements and the unique backup power needs of each business.



Power From 35 KW to 750 KW

Protector QS Series

The Standard for Alternative Fueling Needs

Bigger is better! Generators equipped to use diesel fuel offers business owners an option normally reserved for larger applications. Generac has made sure that each diesel powered generator not only meets the standards of each company but also what is needed in each application.


Power from 10KW To 2000 kW

Diesel Power

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